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Jillian Tamaki

Ogham Writing, from the Book of Ballymote

Those pieces of art were part of an wonderful exhibition that I went to see in The Musée du Quai d’Orsay in Paris a few month ago. The theme was ” the dark romantism, from Goya to Ernst”, and gathered paintings, scuptures, engravings from 1800’s to 1950’. Dark and intense, surprising, it was the kind of exhibition were you could’nt stay indifferent.

So from the top to the below: Madame la Mort, Gauguin ; The death of the grave Digger, Carlos Swabbe; Dante and Virgile in Hell ,Adolphe William Bouguereau ; La femme en Blanc, Gabriel von Max;  , Kate’s madness, Johann Heinrich Fussli ; The Pandemonium, John Martin;  The witch and the Black Cat, Paul Ranson; The Idoll of perversity, Jean Deville  ; The Apparition, Gustave Moreau

Franz stuck

Solomon’s demon’s seals


William Blake’s illustrations for Paradise Lost

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I’m in LOVE with this groupe.

I’m the Rain, Stealing sheep .

(last post about evangelion I promise)

I don’t like what this serie became and all the fan service, but I have to admit that the angel’s designs were pretty nice. (ha, and there is also the eva 02 into those sketches)

Best mecha design EVER.

(yeah, I’m a bit of a nerd )…and THAT MUSIC